IKEA Shrinks in Prague

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IKEA is getting smaller, or at least many of its new stores in Europe are. The latest addition to the micro store portfolio is in Prague and opened last week in the city’s Wenceslas Square.

In common with the store that opened earlier this year in central Madrid, this one is solely about living rooms and is in the centre of the Czech capital, acting rather more as a showroom than a shop – customers will visit and arrange home delivery for the most part.

The store itself is 800 sq m and trades from two floors and like the Madrid store, it has a café for those who tire of furniture and homewares shopping. Also worth noting is the fact that this one is dubbed an ‘IKEA Point’, hinting at the notion that this is about marketing the IKEA brand to urban shoppers as well as selling large quantities of flat-pack merchandise.

The store cost 17m CZK to create, employs 30 people and is a temporary space, although its duration in the location has not been confirmed.