Ikea Targets Mars Research Station

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So you’re off to Mars and the space station awaits. More of a pod than any kind of permanent structure, your living quarters on the planet’s surface are constricted as far as space is concerned.

That, or something like it, is the underpinning thought behind the Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah, where an attempt is made to find out what living in close quarters in a hostile environment might be like. And to this end, Ikea has been employed to fit-out the interior with space-saving solutions as a demonstration both of what is possible and what can be done for urban dwellers living in similarly cramped conditions.

Practically, this means an 8m diameter pod into which everything from a curved kitchen to stackable chairs and desks has been imported. This is probably as much a publicity exercise for both parties as it is a workable solution to micro ‘extreme’ living, but it is interesting nonetheless and helps with the retailer’s design for living mission.