Ikea Unveils its Store for the Growing Family

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What does a growing family need when it comes to where they live? The obvious answer is space, but there is also the matter of flexibility and with this in mind, Ikea has opened a new store in Shanghai which it is calling ‘the home experience of tomorrow’.

At around 30,000 sq m, this is a very big home, but what is really involved is a store which boasts 63 ‘exhibition’ rooms, in which those wishing to know how to make more of their domestic space can get a glimpse of what might be possible. This is in keeping with the new policy in China that encourages families to think in terms of two or three children, as the government looks ahead to what looks like a population crash thanks to the policy of only one child, that has been a feature of the country until recently.

Tying in retail action to government thinking looks a smart love and in this instance it should do well, as seems likely when the idea is replicated in Malmo next year.

Pics: Ikea