Ikea’s Everyday Low Price Truck Tours Hong Kong

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If you’ve ever spent time in an Ikea on a weekend afternoon, you’ll know that finding what you dropped in for can, on occasions, be something of an endurance test, particularly if the item(s) in question is relatively small.

Perhaps with this in mind, an Ikea-liveried van has been touring select parts of the Hong Kong with a message on its side stating that this is the ‘Everyday Low Price Truck’. What this actually means is a vehicle with one side that can fold down to reveal an interior which is filled with items that represent low price, from around HK$5.00 – HK$20.

And there’s a Top 10 –  articles that are considered to be among the best low price products that are available at Ikea. It should perhaps be noted that all of this is about marketing as nothing that’s on view in the ‘truck’ can actually be purchased and carried away.

Equally, those wishing to catch a glimpse of the truck in action have just missed out. It completed its final trip on Tuesday.

Pics: Ikea