‘Inventory-free’ Shops Open in Los Angeles

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A store ‘without inventory’ might seem an unusual approach as the normal method for retailers is that shoppers walk in, buy something from a range that is on offer and then leave. US department store Nordstrom, however, is set to roll out its ‘store without inventory’ format that it piloted in Los Angeles at the end of last year.

The idea is simple. ‘Nordstrom Local’ has no stock because it is, in effect, a service hub and collection point for online orders. Practically, this means that space in the interior has been given to a tailor, a cobbler, a nail bar, a launderette and a café, among other things, meaning that this is intended to be a click and collect point that happens to be more akin to an ‘experience’ than would usually be the case.

The format is now being extended to two other locations in Los Angeles- where there are the greatest number of Nordstrom stores anywhere in the US- and later in the year to New York.