Is Sports Direct in Leicester a Sporting Department Store?

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Sports Direct is a discount operation which shoppers head to select from a range of inexpensive branded merchandise. And like many operators at this end of the market, until recently its interiors reflected its market position.

Yet lately, a concerted effort has been made to change perceptions about this retailer and the latest evidence of that shift can be found in the massive 90,000 sq ft store on Leicester’s Fosse Park. As well as having a glitzy frontage shared between Sports Direct and sister brand USC, customers walking though the door will encounter an Evans Cycle and a video gaming arena, among many other things, as well as visual merchandising that means Frasers Group (the owner) can hold its head high.

This is in fact a combination of a range of different fascias, most of them with an outdoor action emphasis and perhaps the real question is whether what is on view is a sporting department store? As views on what being a department store continue to shift this is perhaps one of the avenues that is currently being explored.

Pics: Sports Direct/ Frasers