Isetan Men’s Tokyo: A Single-Sex Department Store

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An eight-floor store is pretty impressive wherever it may be located, but when it is eight floors devoted to men, then it is almost certainly worthy of comment, whatever it might look like. Japanese department store Isetan has in fact operated a standalone men’s store, the eponymous Isetan Men’s, in Tokyo for decades and the last time the building, which is opposite the retailer’s Shijuku flagship, received a makeover was 15 years ago.

Now it has had a top-to-toe remodel aimed at keeping it on the list of Japanese men who like to show: there are a lot of them. There are several elements that are worth noting about this one, but perhaps the most outstanding is the beauty and skincare area, which is as big as the space that would normally be given to the women’s category in a standard department store.

Appointments can be made with a personal shopper using a smartphone app and there are a number of in-store screens with branded content and information. For the most part, however, this is a store for old-fashioned shopping and given the average Japanese male’s love affair with brands and fashion, this one should continue to be a retail landmark in the capital.