It’s a SoHo Dog’s Life

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For many, pet shops have a tendency to be places you go to because you need something for the small animal in your life, rather than because they are intrinsically worth a visit.

Not so Reddy, a canine ‘lifestyle’ store that has just opened in New York’s SoHo. This is actually a private label single brand store from Petco, the American company that has more than 1500 pet shops across the US, but for which Reddy is a first.

And while the lifestyle term may seem odd in this context, anybody visiting the store will quickly understand what is meant. This is an interior in which the stock does not overwhelm, there is room to move across the wooden herringbone floor and is a place where the dog mannequins are jauntily attired in tweed or camo outfits as they pose in the wi-fi lounge, or next to the cash desk area.

All in all, even if dogs are not central to your life, there is a distinct possibility you’ll take a second look at this one.

Pics: Reddy/Petco