Johnnie Walker Princes Street, A Whisky Adventure in Edinburgh

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Eight floors, a location one of Scotland’s most glamorous streets and a real sense of brand heritage. That, in a nutshell, is what Johnnie Walker Princes Street is about and why, brand owner Diageo hopes that it will find favour with tourists returning to Edinburgh following various Covid lockdowns.

The attraction actually opens on Monday and is billed as a ‘whisky adventure’. For those walking through the door, this means that the former department store, on which Diageo has lavished north of £165m, will be confronted by everything from the ‘Bothy Bar’, a thing of curving shapes and artful lighting, to a rooftop bar that offers views across the city towards the iconic castle.

Then, of course, there are whisky tastings, rooms featuring an exploration of the whisky-making process and interactive screens and displays that seek to foster understanding of the product.

In total the whole things weighs in at 71,500 sq feet, a massive undertaking for a single brand of alcohol and another reason to visit the Scottish capital.

Pics: Johnnie Walker