Joining Things Together with Staples Connect

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Anybody who’s spent any time in the US will be aware of Staples, the office stationery retailer where shoppers go to pick up anything from paperclips to laptops. In essence, it’s a store of basics and one that is almost as American as the apocryphal apple pie.

Yet it is changing and for an indication of the direction of travel it’s worth a trip to Boston, Mass, where six stores have been refurbished and now carry a Staples Connect logo. In essence this is actually a rather slicker Staples store to which a co-working space has been added and a webcasting studio.

The outcome is a hybrid office-cum-web savvy-cum-store complex and while this may actually not be for everybody, for peripatetic millennials it extends the appeal of the brand in a manner that almost any amount of fixture revamping and rearranging might be hard pressed to realise.

The reason Boston has been chosen for the new look/new functions Staples stores is that the company has its headquarters in Framingham, a short drive from the New England metropolis.