Juun.J’s Seoul severity

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For a while, predominantly dark spaces were the preserve of the designer store set, the thinking perhaps being that the lucky few might stumble upon something that they liked and buy it. The trope seemed to vanish for a while, but if proof were needed that it is still alive and kicking, a trip to the newly-opened Juun.J store in Seoul might be in order.

This is a store where the whole of the building, including the roof, looks as if it has been submersed in black paint, in itself a badge of honour for the more severe fashionistas. Trading from two floors and covering 396 sq m with a café, this one shows the power of light and dark with a ground floor that is almost entirely black, with hero lighting, but which is enlivened by shafts of light from the outside.

And outside, a patio with a tree in a suspended pot continues the uncompromisingly stark feel of the store. The design is the work of local consultancy WGNB.