Kaizen Coffee Café, Worth the Money

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What is it about drinking a beverage that delivers a caffeine hit that means that consumers expect surroundings that are slick, quirky or doggedly metropolitan (and sometimes all three)?

The answer is probably that the price of a latte is one of the things that seems to vary little irrespective of where you happen to be and in consequence it is, in effect, a little slice of luxury on the go, something that improves the day for a modest outlay.

And all of this seems to be the case as far as the newly opened Kaizen Coffee Café in Bangkok is concerned. This is a two-floor affair in an unusually green enclave in the city which features walls formed of anthracite grey bricks arranged in an elaborate MC Escher-like pattern with the whole being flooded with light, thanks to a floor-to-ceiling glass façade.

The business of brewing and getting the drink of your choice takes place downstairs with the staircase that abuts one of the perimeter walls leading up to a mezzanine level that has about it the feel of a contemporary restaurant as much as anything else. When the environment is at this level, it perhaps justifies the prices that many cafes tend to attach to their products.