Kashiyama Daikanyama, a Nursery Affair

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Boxes piled on top of each other are the stuff of the kindergarten and perhaps with this in mind the newly opened Kashiyama Daikanyama in Tokyo has an appeal that is as simple as it is good-looking. This multi-level affair in the Daikanyama district (sometimes referred to the Brooklyn of Tokyo) is the work of Nendo, a local architectural practice and is a combination of café, restaurant, upscale minimalist branded retailing and a gallery.

The major feature of it all however is the building itself which looks like a series of glass-sided building blocks of decreasing size as an ascent is made through the structure. The fact that each floor plate is smaller than its predecessor means that the roof of the floor below can act as a terrace for the one above it, giving this a hanging garden-like feel.

The normal practice when creating a multi-function, multi-level complex like this would be to create a straight up and down block. Kashiyama Daikanyama proves that this doesn’t have to be the case.