Kick Game Turns Sneakers Into Art

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In some ways the newly opened Kick Game in Birmingham is exactly what you’d expect of a store selling designer sneakers. Each style is displayed semi-art exhibition style along the two longest perimeter walls, the store interior is almost entirely white, allowing the stock to make itself heard in no uncertain manner and there is a strong sense of rarity and one-off about the merchandise itself.

All of which is hardly surprising when the nature of the offer is considered with Yeezy, Off White and Nike all forming part of the proposition, with the associated price level adding to the sense of something special. It is perhaps worth noting that those prepared to make the journey down the line to London can visit The Design Museum which is currently running an exhibition called ‘Sneakers Unboxed’ where almost precisely the same kind of ambiance informs the displays.

At the top end, increasingly, sneaker retailers have quite a lot in common with galleries. There are two other Kick Game stores. Both are in London.

Images: Kick Game