Knoops Battles the Caffeine Wave in London

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Hot chocolate is, in London at least, the poor relation of coffee, something that may be ordered by those who have had a caffeine overdose, but are still in search of relaxation, courtesy of a hot beverage.

This may be changing however, thanks to Knoops. This is a hot chocolateria that operates in just the same manner as a cafe, but where coffee is signally absent and where there are just as many options and ways in which the house drink is prepared as there are coffee in an ‘artisan’ coffee bar. Knoops has in fact been around a little while, in the south coast resort of Rye and earlier this year it opened its first London branch in south London.

But the third branch is a flagship for the nascent choccie chain, being on Kensington High Street and consisting of indoor and outdoor seating, a long servery and behind the latter, tall containers containing different percentage chocolate, waiting to be turned into drinks.

There is much to be said for coffee bars, which are frequently said to be the new pubs, but this is a real alternative in what increasingly looks like an oversubscribed market.