Krispy Kreme’s new look in Concord

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Walk around the corner in most big cities and the chances are fairly good that you’ll be able to buy a Krispy Kreme donut, either in a standalone outlet (in the US, for the most part) or within a host store as a shop-in-shop. The look is familiar, because the template for Krispy Kreme donut points of sale has remained unchanged for a decade.

Now that has changed and for those craving a baked and glazed product there’s a new look in Concord, North Carolina. This is a standalone store and from the outside the brand has taken its logo and used it to determine the external appearance of the ‘shop’. Walking through the door, the hungry diner is confronted by a long bar/servery counter, which can be sat at, and a mid-shop area with chairs and tables.

The menus on view are digital signage and there’s a ‘mobile pick-up’ point for those who couldn’t wait and ordered their donuts online.

In total there is much that is familiar about what has been done here, but it does look like a brand refreshed.