Krispy Kreme’s Times Square Eyecatcher

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At some stage, the majority of us will have been offered or perhaps even bought a Krispy Kreme ‘donut’. These glazed confections are as easy on the eye as they are hard on the waistline and now for fans of the brand there is an experiential flagship on New York’s Times Square.

This one has been many months in the planning and substantially delayed thanks to the Covid crisis, but now it is possible to walk into a donut factory, for that is what is involved in a visit to this 4,500 sqft sugar palace. All of the stages that result in what you would normally buy over the counter can be viewed and you can even wear a Krispy Kreme worker’s hat to make you feel part of the team.


And when all is done, there is the finished product, with the expectation that a purchase will follow (and it probably will). The cost of designing and running an enterprise of this kind is highly unlikely to be offset by sales of donuts and it must be viewed, like so much on Times Square as a piece of marketing.

That said, it would actually be hard to miss this store. Even the exterior masquerades as a Krispy Kreme box.