Lazarus Time for Lacoste in Covent Garden?

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Lacoste is one of those brands that has been around the block a few times and been much copied in the process and for a while it looked as if this was one that would gradually disappear. Now, however, in a Lazarus-like rebirth, new dedicated Lacoste stores are opening and two of the latest opened last week, in Covent Garden and Meadowhall in the north of England.

The former is a spread across a single floor with French tennis player Rene Lacoste’s signature polo shirt being given pride of place on a perimeter module which has been punctuated by a screen that is intended to help shoppers find the right size and body fit.

The bulk of the rest of the merchandise is organised around the perimeter walls with accessories displayed on some plain wood mid-shop fixtures which are accompanied by wooden block seats with white piped, grass green cushions to remind onlookers perhaps of tennis.

All of which is fine and perfectly on brand and as might be expected from the time-hounoured name. Lacoste has never been cheap and this interior reflects the fact.