Levi’s goes large in Tokyo

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Asia’s biggest Levi’s outpost has just opened in Tokyo. Located in Harajuku, a centre for street fashion in the Japanese capital, the three-floor, 7,000 sq ft store is principally concerned with adding value to the brand’s iconic jean styles.

Practically, this means that as well as a top floor that houses a ‘Tailor Shop’, the store is the first in Asia to play host to the ‘Lot1 program’, involving a much higher level of personalisation than would normally be the case (at a price).

There is also the building itself, on which much design attention has been lavished with an exterior that looks a little like an outsize Meccano set with windows on which the glass has printed round dots that combine to create an eye-catching pattern. Inside the store, the work of local artists features, as do streetwear installations.

There is little reason to suppose that this one will not find favour in a nation obsessed with denim jeans.