Levi’s Goes Softer and Warmer in Tokyo

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If there is one thing that Levi’s is well-known for it has to be flying both its brand flag and its all-American credentials.

Yet, the first thing that anybody visiting the newly opened concept store in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo will notice is the absence of the Stars and Stripes and the altogether subtler approach that has been adopted, symptomatic of the direction of travel for the brand going forward, apparently.

Bikes filled the windows of the 266 sq m, narrow, four-floor store when it opened and the interior is filled with light and dark wood, whether it’s the seating and tables (one of which has been fashioned from largely unshaped trees) or the floor and perimeter walls.

Gone are the dark metal and semi-industrial feel that are the hallmarks of most Levi’s stores and in their place is a warmer and more upscale feel.

Should Levi’s pursue what it has done in Shinjuku, it will have something genuinely different to offer in 2019.