Levi’s Women Pitches up in Bluewater

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As a brand, Levi’s has made much of being all-American and, all too frequently, this has been translated as clothing for cowboys, (male) ranch workers, (male) railroad builders and suchlike with women coming a somewhat distant second in the equation.

Women have, of course, worn Levi’s for years, but as with many old skool jeans brands, there is a distinctly male sensibility to what the name means. That said, Levi’s has been trying for some time to ensure that the female gender is afforded the same weight as its opposite and a couple of years ago it opened a Levi’s Women store in France.

Now the format has arrived in the UK, setting up shop in a unit in the Bluewater Mall, to the south-east of London. The store uses rebel women video (female rock bands) at the back of the shop, green plants and a tonal mix of blue and white for its pitch. The major element that is both on-brand and which is aimed at women is the graphics package, taking the form of a series of murals by local Kent artist Jessica Sharville, dotted around the store and in the fitting rooms.

There is still much to be said for gender discrete spaces and Levi’s appears to have an understanding of the sense of difference. The visual merchandising and store design are the work of Lucky Fox.