Lidl Adapts to a Department Store Host in Bern

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Department stores in German speaking countries are well-known for having food halls in their basements and normally these are upscale affairs with a heavy emphasis on confectionary and luxury foodstuffs. What is less common is to find a discounter in this kind of location, yet that is what is on view in the Loeb department store in Bern.

Here, Lidl has set up shop in a 2,000 sq m space (with a selling area of around 850 sq m) with an exit to the city’s railway station, as well as others leading to the rest of the department store. What is interesting about this one, however, is that the usual Lidl colour scheme has been abandoned in favour of wood and white paint, helping it to be in keeping with its host store.

This is a food hall store that just happens to have the Lidl logo above the entrance and for both parties it looks set to be a successful adaptation and variation from the norm.

Pics: Lidl Switzerland