Lighting Up Leyton High Road

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Leyton High Road, in East London, is not the first place that the tourist horde would descend upon when visiting the UK capital and there is a good reason. Until lately, this was a thoroughfare that boasted a collection of low-(ish)rent stores, most of which had seen better days.

Now, however, thanks to the efforts of French artist Camille Walala, a large portion of the street has been given a quasi-Op Art makeover in which bright colours and bold patterns vie with each other to grab the attention of those walking its length. This is the outcome of a Mayor of London-backed crowd-funding initiative and the work, on the exterior of the buildings only, has transformed the locale.

You’d be hard pushed to find anything in London currently so immediately fresh and arresting and there is a sense that this is part of a greater renaissance for the area as it benefits from those who have found more central neighbourhoods, such as Shoreditch and Islington, increasingly unaffordable.