Lindt’s Home of Chocolate

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It’s been open for just under a month, is massive and has a 9m chocolate fountain at its entrance that pours 1500l of liquid chocolate into an outsize chocolate case every minute.

This is the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zurich, a place where lovers of cocoa-based confections can look at exhibitions showing how the brand goes about making its treats, create bespoke chocolates or, probably easiest, just select chocs to take away from the 500 sq m shop (the world’s largest, Lindt claims).

The claim made is that this is a museum and, up to a point, this may be true, but what it really boils down to, as it were, is a Lindt brand experience in its home territory, showing off one of the products that most people associate with Switzerland.

In terms of making a brand statement, this is about as grand as it gets, leaving the museum of ice cream in New York or, perhaps, a Dyson Demo store, trailing. This is not about generating  money directly, it is more a matter of reminding visitors why Lindt should be uppermost when it comes to thinking about chocolate and on this level, it works.