Living by The Barre Code with Jillian Lorenz & Ariana Chernin

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Two women, two different backgrounds, one common passion. Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin brought their individual fitness backgrounds together with their mutual passion “to empower women to find their strongest selves” to launch The Barre Code. With an emphasis on community, these ladies have created a fitness program focused on providing a platform for personal growth and self-acceptance that allows clients to truly connect to their mind, body and spirit.

The Barre Code keeps its values at the core of all that they do. “Eight years ago when we started, we had a set of beautiful phrases that were the foundation of who we wanted to be as a company. This ‘mantra’ encouraging self-love and body positivity still lives on the wall of very studio across the country.”

The Barre Code took that mantra and grew it into something bigger- actionable missions. Dubbed the Actionable 8, this set of values promotes the culture of the company and provides ways for personal growth for The Barre Code family. They chose 8 for two reason- everything in The Barre Code workouts are done in counts of 8 and when turned on its side, the 8 becomes an infinity sign which symbolizes the growth and success the community strives for. The Barre Code is a way of life. To #LiveByTheBarreCode means to build a positive relationship with one’s body and with the women around them.

“Our brand represents all of our clients and instructors across the country- it is unique, it is diverse, and it is built on the principles that we are strong on our own, but even stronger together.”

This mindset has been powerful in the growth and evolution of the brand. Staying true to those values and missions is something Jillian and Ariana strongly believe in especially as the brand continues to grow and evolve. “Our vision for The Barre Code is to become an internationally recognized symbol of women supporting women. Our hope is for our logo, representing individual differences and the power of community, to continue to make a positive impact on women all over the world.”

One way The Barre Code brings together its community and spreads The Barre Code is through branded apparel. “The retail we sell in studios and online further encourage our clients across the country to live by our brand and celebrate their bodies.” The Barre Code has many great partners when it comes to their retail including brands like Athleta, Lululemon and Spiritual Gangster, to name a few. Recently, The Barre Code launched a national partnership with 33Threads- a top manufacturer for national fitness franchises. Jillian and Ariana are very proud of their successes both in the studio and in their retail. “The most exciting thing is seeing women across the country wearing their Barre Code gear not only in class, but all over.”

”From brunch to the grocery store to happy hour, we’ve cultivated a community of women across the country who proudly wear their stripes!”

We asked Jillian and Ariana their thoughts on women, athleisure, and the fitness community. They shared that they believe group fitness is popular with women because it allows them to know their bodies and get in tune with the communities around them. “Wearing activewear helps women feel closer to their bodies- how they move, how strong they feel- and we think that’s definitely something to celebrate,” they added.

Jillian and Ariana obviously #LiveByTheBarreCode but this fierce duo also revealed some other words to live by.  Jillian says, “Life is all about perception; when you choose to view from a positive lens, you feel good, you feel peace, and your reality reflects it”. Ariana’s mantra is short, sweet, and powerful. “Be you and don’t settle”.

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi