Loblaws’ Toronto Flagship: Floors and More

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It’s amazing what difference a floor can make to a store and perceptions of an interior. In Toronto, the recently opened Loblaw Groceterias flagship store from Canadian food retailer Loblaws is a case in point.

Housed in a 1928 building that was originally the head office and warehouse for Loblaws, the structure was disassembled, brick by brick, in 2016 and then rebuilt with a glass block on its top that is home to offices and housing. It is the store that’s the thing, however, and the first thing that is likely to hit the visitor between the eyes is the poured resin orange floor (Loblaws did the same thing at its Maple Leaf Gardens flagship store, also in Toronto).

This takes the eye along the long aisles and it works well with the combination of tiled walls, stenciled signage and departments that impart a real market feel to the interior.

As a piece of restored industrial early 20th century heritage, this one is a thing of beauty.

Pics: Loblaws  & Norman Katz