London Shoppers Choose Love

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In the normal run of things, shops are places that you visit, buy something and then take it away with you. Choose Love, on London’s Carnaby Street conforms to two parts of this formula, but the final part of the transaction is signally absent.

Instead visitors to this pop-up, which trades both as a charity vehicle and almost as a protest against the mass consumerism of Black Friday and the onset of Christmas frenzy, are given the opportunity to buy items for refugees, ranging from sleeping bags to clothing and solar lamps. And in spite of the many attractions of one of the UK capital’s most fashionable locations, the outcome when the store opened was a queue around the block as, predominantly, younger consumers vied to ‘do the right thing’.

The store itself is merchandised just as you would expect of any pop-up and was divided into three areas: ‘survival’, ‘shelter’ and ‘the future’, making selection straightforward. Sometimes, even in these days when having the latest gadget or piece of clothing is considered an essential, altruism can pay dividends.