Looking After People in NYC

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It’s been a tough few months and the likelihood is that things will continue along the current path for some time to come.

With this in mind, one of the daily tasks we all have to face is to ensure that we have the right kind of PPE to hand for when we venture out to bars, restaurants, shops and suchlike. In New York City, a space that was intended to be a Korean restaurant has in fact emerged from its fit-out chrysalis as CV19 Essential, a store dedicated to providing the right kind of thing for those needing the face coverings, sanitiser or UV therapy, among other things.

The shop is in Midtown Manhattan, on Herald Square, and features white, high gloss perimeter shelving with face-masked heads lined up on them, offering the visitor a quick sense of the range.

There is in fact nothing too remarkable about the interior, other than the fact that it works as a repository for coronavirus protection and as such it is something of a standalone, in spite of the fact that we are more than six months into the crisis.