Looking Through a Rainbow at Louis Vuitton

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Looking at rainbow-colored images has always been associated with peering into a prism or the effects of a variety of hallucinogenic drugs, but for those eschewing both there is always Louis Vuitton.

Last week, the luxury brand unveiled a 12-storey high graphic of a male figure that looks as if it has been viewed through a prism. The image adorns the floors above the Louis Vuitton flagship in New York and now it has opened a pop-up shop in Miami’s Design District that does the same thing with its graphics and which will be open until February 12th.

Enter this store and as well as a lot of very aspirationally-priced clothing, one of the walls has the same figure, this time semi-seated, occupying most of its surface. The same prismatic effect has been applied to the LV logo that surrounds the picture and to the LV decals that have been plastered across the windows.

The pop-up is intended to mark the debut collection of Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh and in terms of making an impact, this one is very hard to ignore.