Louis Vuitton goes Green

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When thoughts turn to colour schemes for a store, the normal rule is that a maximum of three colours suffices, with the third colour usually being a highlight. Less common is the notion of making the whole of a store a single colour.

The latter approach has the distinct advantage that shops of the kind are few and far between and therefore, heads will almost inevitably be turned. This may be the underlying thought process for the current Louis Vuitton pop-up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Here, the entire store is composed of a single colour: bright green. From the post box and fire hydrant outside the shop to the interior all is frog-like and the whole is washed, of course, in green light.

Something of the kind was the hallmark of the bright yellow Calvin Klein store on the city’s Madison Avenue, which closed earlier this year, but in this instance the monotone store is almost even more all-encompassing.

The pop-up closes this Sunday.