Louis Vuitton Makes Up for the Lack of Paris Catwalks in 2021

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Paris catwalk shows cancelled this year? If you’re feeling the lack, one solution might be (if you are allowed to travel) to take a walk around the various pop-ups and installations that have been put in place by the big brands to take the place of the various couture parades.

Of these, the Louis Vuitton pop-up on the Rue du Pont Neuf is certainly one of the more interesting. Featuring urban clothing and trainers for men from the brand’s men’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh, this is a semi-psychedelic affair, complete with rainbow lighting throughout the space and moody mannequins that look a little as if they might be losing the will to live.

And if this really doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps a walk to the Place Vendome, where the Maison Louis Vuitton is located, might help. Here, rather than entering the store, just point your phone, app assisted, at the building itself and a cast of cartoon characters appear to be playing instruments on the roof, courtesy of AR.

There’s a lot to see, if you can…