Louis Vuitton’s Refurbished Tokyo Flagship

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How do you make an impact in a city where design and one-offs are something of a commonplace? The newly refurbished Louis Vuitton flagship in Tokyo’s Ginza provides perhaps one answer.

This seven-storey structure is clad in glass panes that are organised at different angles from top to bottom with each being covered by a dichroic film that makes the building look rather as if the sun is shining on a vertical film of oil. The idea is that this is supposed to remind the onlooker of water and when the would-be luxury shopper enters the building, there is no let-up in the non-standard approach that has been taken to design.

This is the work of architects Jun Aoke and Peter Marino (the latter being the long-term collaborator with the brand) and the spotlight feature within is a staircase that has been fashioned from worked and highly shaped oak with more glass as the backdrop to this. With everything from a suspended jellyfish sculpture to a four-story high artwork on one of the walls, this is different from the norm.

And when the shopping’s done, there’s always the promise of ‘le café LV’ on the top floor.

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton