Louis Vuitton’s Shop that’s a Pool

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A store that’s like an Art Deco swimming pool is the basis of a new pop-up from Louis Vuitton aimed, as perhaps might be expected, at shifting the label’s summer collection.

The space is in New York’s SoHo and is beguilingly simple as an idea with aqua-blue mosaic tiled floor and walls. The clever part is the manner in which the floor has been curved at its edges to meet the walls, giving the idea of actually being in a pool, rather than peering down into it.

Also worth noting is the lighting, which has been fashioned to create the impression of water shimmering as light plays on it.

This may be straightforward as a design, but the execution is beautiful and there is even a chance, given the brightly-coloured nature of the collection that is on display, that the stock may be given the once-over as well.

Pictures courtesy of Louis Vuitton