Louis Vuitton’s store that’s a display

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Imagine a store where the displays in the window change every few seconds and which almost every passing shopper will want to take a look at. Now hold that thought and the first thing that will probably come to mind is a store with a lot of screens in its windows.

Visit the newly-opened Louis Vuitton store in Istanbul’s international airport however and that principle has been taken across the whole of the shopfront, making the exterior fabric of the store an outsize piece of visual merchandising. In truth, what has been done here is to make of the storefront a screen across which constantly changing kaleidoscopic patterns pass. Most of these are brightly coloured and abstract, but the luxury brand has also had the good sense to include elements of familiar Istanbul landmarks as part of what appears, meaning that the store is to an extent anchored within its location.

From another intrinsically conservative luxury brand, this is a real step into future and it does attract admiring glances.