Louis Vuitton’s temporary museum pops up in Beverly Hills

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Louis Vuitton’s been around a while and to mark its 150th anniversary it has popped up in Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills with a museum dedicated to its history, coupled of course with a temporary store.

There are over 180 items on display, including a number of recent collaborations with artists, functioning as one-off pieces. It is perhaps the building and its treatment that will cause the greatest amount of talk however. The exterior is a piece of cod-classical architecture with the windows blanked out and coloured in imitation perhaps of a Pop Art version of a Californian sunset.

Within, there are two modes to the 10 rooms, with some being a stark, gallery white, while others are flooded in bright colour and, in one instance with the signature Louis Vuitton graffiti-style font, splashed across the walls. The domed top of the space is home to the pop-up shop and comes complete with pink(ish) palm trees and orange-yellow walls.

It’s been a big year for the French fashion label so far, with multiple new ways of displaying its wares. The ‘museum’ will remain in place until September 15th, after which it will embark on a world tour.