Lovepop Achieves Standout

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Whether you happen to be on or offline as far as retail is concerned, the perennial problem is standing out from the herd, quite irrespective of what the category being sold happens to be.

And being different is what the latest store from Boston-based cards and gift retailer Lovepop is all about. It’s located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and what makes pop its head above the parapet are the fins. These are strips of colour that have been applied in a semi wavelike fashion to the perimeter, giving the sensation almost of a display tunnel and ensuring that the product, which is 3D greetings cards, for the most part, gets its best shot at making noise.

The same technique has been used in the mid-shop display table and as this is the biggest Lovepop store to date, it’s 1,200 sq ft, that equates to a lot of merchandise. This is a new and small company, but it is one that is growing rapidly.

Pics: Lovepop