LoveTheSign Opens in Riccione

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LoveTheSign, an Italian homeware boutique, opened its second concept store in Riccione, Italy. LoveTheSign started in 2012 as an online shop which grew popularity throughout Europe. After many years in a strictly digital space, LoveTheSign expanded into a brick-and-mortar meets digital concept store. They first opened in Padova, which you can read about in MiND’s interview with the brand’s art director, Lara Vidotto.

The new space in Riccione features products from the online inventory as well and an “I-Wall” where customers can browse and shop the entire catalog. The space brings together the two worlds as an online transaction can be completed in-store and in-store transactions can be completed online. A dedicated team is there to help guide customers through their shopping experience.

The shop is full of natural light as half of the shop walls are windows. The inside is outfitted with ALU TondoQuadro . LoveTheSign is planning to open more of these concept stores throughout Italy in the coming years.


The LoveTheSign team shared their perspective on the concept and expansion with us:

“Following the first opening in Padova a couple of months ago, we are working to strengthen the offline presence of LoveTheSign across Italy: coming up now, after Riccione, is Turin. The store we chose is tiny yet functional to underline our digital soul: we have some iconic products displayed, yet the I-Wall allows clients to have access to our complete catalogue. We believe this is going to become a trend soon as every day there are more and more people visiting our shops.”