Lush Goes Naked in Manchester

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Skincare and ethical cosmetic retailer Lush continues to expand its ‘Naked’ format with a new store in Manchester, which opened last week. Following on the lead provided by the stores in Milan and Berlin, the new store contains products that have no packaging of any kind.

Instead, when shoppers want to know about what they are looking at they can download the #LushLabs app and scan a code on the product display, allowing information about an item to be displayed the screen of any mobile device. At a moment when the beauty industry has been coming under some criticism for making consumers, effectively, frequently pay more for packaging than for the product itself, this is an instance of the way in which a retailer can build loyalty by ‘doing the right thing’.

The Naked move will also appeal to Lush’s generally youthful demographic, for whom ethical considerations feature strongly when it comes to making a purchase decision.

The app itself is the work of the in-house ‘Tech Warriors’ and at this moment it looks as if Lush is setting the pace in the sector.