Lush rings the changes in Tokyo

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From time to time, the best retailers take a look at what they normally do and then do something different, and while it may seem odd, in the long run upsetting expectations is good practice when it comes to giving shoppers something different to consider.

Perhaps with this in mind Lush, the bath bomb founder and purveyor, has opened a store on the corner of Tokyo’s Shinjuku station (the busiest rail terminus on earth) which confounds almost everything that shoppers of this retailer might normally anticipate. For a start, there is the exterior which features a three storey-high digital screen, rather than any kind of faux handwritten back-to-nature signage and this is accompanied by a QR code in the window that encourages shoppers to download the app.

Step inside and white tiles, circular mid-shop fixtures in clean, varnished and bleached wood, coupled with a neutral tiled floor, give the interior the sense of a piece of retail modernism that veers towards the contemporary pharmacy in terms of feel.

This is a Lush, the bath bombs tell all, but not as most will know it.