LV Makes Itself At Home In Amsterdam

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How often do you look at your home/apartment and think ‘luxury’? Probably not that often, but if you want a glimpse of what the word might mean in relation to domesticity, then a visit to the newly opened Louis Vuitton store on Amsterdam’s upscale PC Hoofstraat might be in order.

Set across three floors, basement, ground and first, the store has a 560 sq m selling area with the lion’s share of the space being on the lower two levels. This is the first store in the Netherlands with the whole of the brand’s collection under one roof and while it may not bear a close resemblance to your abode, it is nonetheless a space that feels like the kind of interior that many of us might like to have, right down to the Yves Klein blue wall and chairs in the basement.

Making yourself at home in a historic building in the centre of Amsterdam may sound like a pleasant option and if the prices of the items on display in this store are within your reach, then perhaps it might also be affordable.