LV X Supreme

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Old school and new school brands, Louis Vuitton and Supreme have come together to create 8 pop-up stores across London, LA, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul. Beijing, Miami, and Paris.

The pop-up stores follow the highly anticipated sale of the AW men’s collection which was presented at the fashion shows in January.

Louis Vuitton

The brands used social media to create hype, slowly revealing the location of the stores. One notable city missing from the list is New York which had its permit rejected by the local community authorities.

On the day of opening people had been queuing for hours to purchase the brands coveted items which merge the Supreme red with the LV logo design in white. The stores are framed by the newly created red and white brand and resemble the iconic LV trunk. Inside, the design is kept simple with white walls and the LV and Supreme designed red carpet.

The pop-ups are open until 21 July.