M.A.C Gives Shoppers a Virtual Experience in Shanghai

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One of the things that sets retail’s current front-runners apart from their rivals is the ability to provide something different in-store: there are, after all, precious few other reasons to visit. And among the current leaders M.A.C has its place with the just-opened ‘experience store’, in Shanghai, showing why this is the case.

This store targets Gen Z, that curious demographic cohort that encompasses those born somewhere in the mid-90s to an indeterminate point in the ‘noughties’. And in keeping with this, it takes as its starting point the use of a smartphone. To this end visitors to the store use a M.A.C WeChat mini-programme to log in, having been invited to do so by a digital ‘totem’ near the front of the store.

Once logged in, the shopper can test-drive everything from lipstick colour to foundation via a series of virtual mirrors and then checkout with the phone, if a purchase is made. As such, this is a world away from the lipstick counter, albeit this is where the brand has its roots, and it shows perhaps how central the phone is to Gen Z or anybody else for that matter.