Magnum tempts at Piccadilly

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Ice cream anybody? The notion of a frozen confection has, in many quarters, become synonymous with Magnum and perhaps to maintain this position brand owner Unilever unleashes eponymous pop-up Magnum stores at this time of year, all aimed at keeping the things top of mind.

Currently and until the back end of this month, there is a Magnum London store in the UK capital’s Piccadilly and here, for the small matter of £5.90 visitors (tourists, for the most part) can create a bespoke ice cream covered in glitter, chocolate buttons and suchlike. And for those wishing to show what they’ve done, there are a series of niches set into the rear perimeter wall washed in different colour lights where the faithful can take lolly selfies.

All this and a distinctly phallic outsize Magnum sculpture set on a plinth in a room of its own. The folks at Unilever know what works.

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