Maison Kitsuné Pop-up Makes Light Work of Standing Out

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Sometimes the work of making a store sing needn’t be quite as hard as many might think and the newly opened pop-up from French fashion brand Maison Kitsuné is a case in point. The 600 sq ft store is located in the Platform shopping centre in Los Angeles’ glamorous Culver City neighbourhood and what sets this one apart is its use of colour.

Or more accurately walls that are a deep brown-orange with a cream upper perimeter. The whole is fronted by a fully glazed exterior which in turn is surrounded by decking and a variety of succulent and desert pot-plants.

In total, there is nothing terribly complex about any of this, but the use of a striking colour scheme does mean a store with standout. And this being a fashion label, rather than any kind of mass proposition, stock density has been kept on the low side, allowing the walls to work just that bit harder.

Easy in theory, actually quite hard to pull off. The store will trade until July.