Make a burger joint that’s different. Bun Burgers, Turin

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Head for a burger restaurant and you know, more or less, what you’re in for. There will be a counter where somebody takes your order, a place to collect (if it’s not handed to you) and then a range of seats and tables, benches and chairs, where you can enjoy what you’ve selected.

All of which is true of upscale Italian chain Bun Burgers except for one difference: the colour scheme. In the normal run of things a burger joint tends to have a fair bit of shiny-chromed metal, plastic-looking seating and a scattering of primary colours. In Bun Burgers (and this branch is in Turin) a completely counter-norm approach is taken with the whole interior space being decorated in a series of hot pastel tones.

Pink, blue and a pistachio-green make this a space which feels completely different. Surprising how alternative a lick of paint can make something appear.

Pics: Bun Burgers