Making Bookstores Sing

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Bookstores used to be places you went to buy books and to a large extent this remains the case. In China, however, this may be changing somewhat.

The new Zhongshuge bookstore in the southern city of Shenzhen is a good example of what is happening. Here, there are certainly books, but there is also a spiral that is part book display and part art installation. The claim made is that this enables visitors to head down the spiral of history and literature. While this may be the case, it is certain that what has been done here will attract potential book lovers in a manner that might not otherwise have been the case.

From mirrored Harry Potteresque interiors to bookshelves that look like weathered sedimentary cliffs, bookshops in China show that the business of shifting tomes can be a lot more than a series of library-style pieces of equipment with maybe a café thrown in for good measure.

Pics: Zhongshuge