Making Health Enjoyable

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Fair play to Planet Organic, it walks the talk when it comes to creating stores that are both sustainable and also happen to be the sort of place that you might wish to spend a little time in.

The latest branch from the largely London-based healthy food and food-to-go outfit is in increasingly fashionable Bermondsey, on the south bank of the Thanes and little more than a stone’s throw from Tower Bridge. With steel and wood being the main elements of the shopfit, there is a practical no-nonsense feel about what has been done and the palette helps to take it away from the feel of an organic shop of old, which always had a somewhat reach-me-down feel about it.

Also worth noting is the ‘Health & Bodycare’, as the signage puts it, area. Eat well, look after yourself and make sure that when you go shopping to make this a reality you do so in an environment that invites you to enjoy the process.

Pics: Planet Organic