Making More of Less. Acne Studios in Shanghai

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Less is more, or at least it is if you work at Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios. The latest evidence of this is to be found in the newly-opened outpost in Shanghai’s iAPM shopping centre. Not only is this visually quiet – the sole colour across the whole of the store is beige, but it is also simple in terms of the materials palette.

The whole of the interior is in fact carpeted, with the floorcovering rising up the walls to meet the ceiling, which features strips of LED lighting, again uniformly distributed across the whole of the space.

Practically, this means that the relatively sparsely displayed garments from Acne Studios’ range cannot be missed as almost any colour would stand out against this sort of backdrop. There is in fact a measure of colour in the mid-shop in the shape of seating formed by foam-filled, denim-coloured blobs, but this does not distract from the product and does add additional visual interest.

So pared-back is this environment that it would be hard to miss, in spite its low-key monochrome nature.

Pics: Acne Studios