Making the most of a Big Space: CheckersHyper, Cape Town

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There cannot be many grocery retailers that list among their offer a ‘helium bar’, yet that is the claim made by the Shoprite-owned Checkers Hyper in Brackenfell, a Cape Town suburb.

The ‘bar’ is in fact a party shop with the helium being for balloons and it is one of many new features that have been installed in this freshly refurbished store. The ‘Wine Route’ wine shop is perhaps the most impressive new element, consisting of a standalone shop-in-shop with its own entrance, lighting and walls and which is home to more than 100 South African estate wines.

A confectionery island, a sit-down sushi counter/restaurant, a bakery and a fresh pizza counter all add to the attractions and if all of this proves too much there is a water refill station.

Making very large stores interesting and keeping them looking and feeling as if they are all one enterprise is something of a challenge, but CheckersHyper seems to have managed to pull it off in Cape Town.