Making the Most of Colour In-store

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Shops where the emphasis is on the colour of the environment overall with the stock playing a distinctly secondary role remain relatively uncommon. But for those wishing to see what is possible, for a short period only a trip to Prince Street in New York’s SoHo might be worth making.

Here, elements of the menswear collection from Louis Vuitton are on show in surroundings that demand to be looked at. This is thanks to a multicolour approach that begins on the outside with a vivid purple frontage and then progresses through a range of colours that seem to meld into each other within the store itself. In total, the effect is one that achieves real standout on a street where the ‘out-there’ fashion is almost the norm.

To this can be added the monotone male mannequins, suit-clad for the most part, which add a moody feel to the whole.

This is a pop-up, but it’s one that will be noticed.


Pictures: Louis Vuitton